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Refferal contest!
Published on 12-05-2020

Refferal contest coming soon !!!

Last 24 HOURS !
Published on 08-05-2020

Hello !

From this moment, the promotion with free rented referrals will be available for the next 24 hours.

Specifically, the promotion will expire on 09/05/2020 at 07:00 GMT +3 Bucharest TIME!

I also want to let you know that next week we will start a contest with direct referrals where the prize worth $ 1000.

Thank you all !


Free Rented Refferals !
Published on 03-05-2020

Hello dear members of TuCon.NET

We have a special promotion for you that is very limited.

For every dollar invested you receive 1 rented refferal FREE!

To benefit from this promotion you have to invest a fixed amount of money as follows:

$ 25 = 25 FREE RR
$ 50 = 50 FREE RR
$ 75 = 75 FREE RR
$ 100 = 100 FREE RR
$ 500 = 500 FREE RR
$ 1000 = 1000 FREE RR

This is a limited promotion and may be terminated at any time. (We reserve the right to terminate this promotion at any time with 6 hours notice, which you will find in the NEWS section)
*After you have added funds, please send us a ticket
I wish you a wonderful day .
Dragomir Georgica

Revenue Share !
Published on 02-05-2020

hello dear members!

Did you know that we also have a revenue share program in our platform?


For every $ 1 you invest, you will receive 3% daily for 60 days, with a profit of $ 0.80 for every dollar!
If you invest $ 100 over 60 days you will have $ 180 ($ 80 pure profit without doing anything).
If you invest $ 1,000 over 60 days you will have $ 1,800 ($ 800 pure profit without doing anything).
In addition, for each share ($ 1) you buy it received

     10 PTC Credits (Upon purchase)
     1 PTSU Credits (Upon purchase)
     100 Featured Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
     100 Banner Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
     1 Featured Link Credits (Upon purchase)
     1 Login Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
     1 Points (Upon purchase)

All you have to do is log in to your account and follow this link if you can't find the option in your account.

I wish you a wonderful weekend !

We are online!
Published on 25-04-2020

Hello dear members and thank you for your patience.

We want to let you know that all our hosting problems have been solved and now we are online and we will be for many years to come.

Thank you for your trust and if you have any problems you can contact us at any time on live chat, or write a ticket.

I am also available (for emergencies)  on the Whatapp number +40770195363 and on Facebook

I wish you a wonderful weekend